When you register your vehicle, you also take out a Compulsory Third Party Insurance Policy in the same transaction as required by law.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), on behalf of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, collects your personal information as part of the registration process. View the DIT privacy statement.

The registration process uses standard encryption processes to securely transmit your details including your name, address, vehicle registration details, phone number and email if this has been collected to the CTP Insurer you chose.

Your CTP Insurer can use this information to send you direct marketing such as letters, emails or SMS messages. Your CTP Insurer will include information on how you can opt out of receiving any future direct marketing from them.

If you change your CTP Insurer at the time of registration renewal, your previous CTP Insurer is not allowed to use your personal information for any purpose.

CTP Insurers and their representatives must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and requirements set by the CTP Regulator when collecting, storing and disclosing your personal information.

Read more about your privacy including access to CTP Insurer privacy policies, and what you can do if you believe your CTP Insurer has incorrectly used or disclosed your personal information.