Useful Clinical Guidelines

SIRA’s Whiplash Guidelines for the Management of Acute Whiplash-associated Disorders for Health Professionals, 3rd edition

Developed by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) in NSW, the Whiplash Guidelines provide useful clinical information for the management of whiplash-associated disorders (WAD), which is the most frequently-reported injury in CTP Schemes.

Guided by a working group consisting of industry-leading research experts such as Professor Michele Sterling at RECOVER Injury Research Centre and Dr Trudy Rebbeck at the University of Sydney, the Whiplash Guidelines provide recently-published, evidence-based recommendations for the management of acute WAD.

Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services (Clinical Framework)

Originally developed by the Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria, the Clinical Framework outlines a set of guiding principles for the delivery of health services that are based on the best contemporary research. The Clinical Framework has been widely endorsed by Australian CTP and workers’ compensation jurisdictions, as well as peak health associations.

Standardised Outcome Measure Tools

International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE) Outcome Calculator Manuals

A clinical outcome measure is an assessment tool that can be used to objectively describe the functional change of a person’s health status at the beginning, during, and at the end of treatment. The Outcome Measures can provide credible and reliable justification for the given treatment. For the list of standardised outcome measures, see the CTP Regulator’s Injury Recovery and Early Intervention Framework.

The International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE) at University of South Australia, directed by Associate Professor Steven Milanese, provides Outcome Calculator User Manuals that may provide useful information regarding different types of Clinical Outcome Measures (note: information provided with permission).

Common pain and musculoskeletal outcome measures

Common neurological outcome measures

Common chronic disease outcome measures (including psychological)

Whiplash Recovery

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