Most people recover from their injuries within a few months of a motor vehicle accident and research shows that the sooner an injured person receives the right treatment at the right time and returns to their usual activities, the better their health outcomes will be. However, some people need treatment and support to help them recover to a level of function and quality of life they had prior to their injury.

Accessing treatment and support

CTP Insurers are required to fund your medical treatment and support services for injuries if you meet the eligibility criteria under the CTP Scheme.

Not all types of health care, therapy and support services are covered by the CTP Scheme, so contact the CTP Insurer managing your claim to discuss your treatment requirements. Obtaining approval from the insurer before using medical services and treatment will ensure these services will be paid by the CTP Insurer.

CTP Insurers are required to inform you in writing within seven business days from the receipt of the treatment request whether the request has been approved, partially approved or not approved. They’ll also provide an explanation if it has been partially or not approved.

See more information on treatment plans available to injured people through the Injury Recovery and Early Intervention Framework.

Injury recovery information

Download the Regulator's Recovering from your motor vehicle accident injuries brochure.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, this brochure can help you understand the claims process in the CTP Scheme, including:

  • how the CTP Scheme works
  • what you should expect from your CTP Insurer
  • what is meant by ‘reasonable and necessary’ treatment services, and
  • your rights and responsibilities.