View the Regulator Rules.

The Regulator Rules are designed to ensure fairness, transparency and consistency of service standards for injured persons about claims management and dispute resolution processes.

The Regulator Rules are amended from time to time as required by the Regulator. View historical versions of the Regulator Rules. The rules do not override or substitute CTP Insurers’ obligations under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959, the Civil Liability Act 1936 and other relevant legislation or applicable common law. Those obligations prevail over the Regulator Rules to the extent of any inconsistency.

Regulator Rules have been made regarding:

  1. Market practice
  2. Brand marketing
  3. CTP Insurer obligations
  4. Incentives and inducements
  5. Claimant obligations
  6. Information and privacy
  7. Claims management
  8. Independent assessments and reports
  9. ISV medical assessments and reports
  10. Cost of travel
  11. Investigations
  12. Use of third party service providers
  13. Children’s claims
  14. Assessment of reasonable and necessary treatment, care and support services
  15. Court approval in claims of persons under legal incapacity
  16. Settlement payments
  17. Lifetime Support Scheme
  18. Offers
  19. Complaints
  20. Disputed claims