If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you must report the accident to the police, as the information may be needed to establish the circumstances of the accident.

If you caused the accident, notify your CTP Insurer as soon as possible by completing an Accident Report Form.

  • The ‘Accident Report Form’ button on the Lodging your claim form page allows you to complete this form electronically. You will need access to a printer to print the completed form.
  • You can also print a PDF version of the Accident Report Form to complete manually.
  • Another option is to request a copy from us and we will mail it to you.

If you are not sure of your vehicle’s CTP insurer at the time of the accident (or any other vehicle involved) you can do an EzyReg insurer search by entering the date of the accident and vehicle plate number or contact us with these details.

If you were injured in the accident, find out if you can make a CTP claim. If you are eligible, the forms you need to complete are found on the Lodging your claim form page. You have the options of using electronic or PDF versions or we can mail them to you.