If you have a complaint about the way the CTP Insurer is handling your claim, you should raise your concerns with the consultant handling your claim and if your complaint cannot be resolved, you should request that your complaint be referred to a senior manager at the insurer. View the CTP Insurers’ contact details.

The CTP Insurer must attempt to resolve all complaints within 10 business days of receiving the complaint and they must provide a final written response to you within 30 calendar days.

If you disagree with a decision made by a CTP Insurer, you may ask to have that decision referred to the insurer’s Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process. The CTP Insurer must fully explain their IDR process to you.

You may also ask a CTP Insurer to conciliate a dispute within 30 days of the determination being made, the insurer must agree to conciliate the dispute with a Conciliator. The insurer must arrange this within 30 days of your request being made.

Our “Complaints and disputes” fact sheet is available to download. Or you can contact the claims consultant managing your claim for further assistance.

For more information, you can contact the CTP Enquiries Line on 1300 303 558.