Allied Health Management Plans

Allied Health Management Plans (management plans) assist CTP Insurers to determine whether to fund a service for an injured claimant. Once you have determined interventions required for the injured person’s functional recovery, as their allied health provider you will need to complete a management plan.

The management plan can be submitted directly to the CTP Insurer in an easy online process.  Your email address is required for online submission.

The benefits of the online management plan are:

  • early funding decisions to support improved recovery outcomes for injured people
  • automatic email notification of the CTP Insurer decision to the provider and claimant
  • quicker submission to CTP Insurers as the plan is integrated into their claims management system enabling a more streamlined process from lodgement to funding decision
  • ability to upload supporting documents such as medical reports or referrals
  • elimination of administrative steps such as scanning and faxing, and paper use

To submit an online management plan, click on the button below

As a general rule, and to be confident of payment you should obtain pre-approval from the CTP Insurer for payment of services.  You may charge for completion of the management plan in accordance with the ReturnToWorkSA fee schedule.

You can access PDF versions of the plans via our Forms page if you prefer to lodge manually.