Our Vision

"Delivering a fair and competitive CTP Scheme with choice, ease and confidence for the South Australian community."

Our Plan & Strategic Objectives

To provide community confidence in the Scheme by regulating CTP Insurers and monitoring the performance of the CTP Scheme, a series of strategic objectives have been set.

View the Regulator's Plan and Strategic Objectives for 2022-26.

Our Values

The principles by which the Regulator operates are set out in the diagram and table below:

Our Values

What this Means

We are Outcomes Driven

  • We look for practical solutions
  • We are decisive in our approach

We are Accountable

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We act in the best interests of the Scheme

We are Collaborative

  • We listen to, and inform our community
  • We work together to bring positive change

We are Fair

  • Our practices reflect and uphold our independence
  • We make evidence based decisions

We are Supportive

  • We provide quality customer service
  • We respect the diversity of the people we serve