Your CTP Insurer uses your personal information to provide you with CTP insurance cover for the purposes of their South Australian CTP insurance business.

Examples of how a CTP Insurer may use your details include:

  • providing you with marketing or communication material
  • offering you an approved incentive
  • managing your claim

CTP Insurers (and any third party service providers they use) must comply with Commonwealth privacy laws including the Australian Privacy Principles.

The privacy policy of your CTP Insurer contains information about:

  • how to access the personal information the CTP Insurer holds about you
  • how to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by the CTP Insurer
  • how the CTP Insurer will handle a complaint.

You can find the privacy policy for your CTP Insurer here:

The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 provides the regulatory framework for how CTP Insurers can handle your personal information and use it for marketing.

CTP Insurers must also comply with statutory rules made by the CTP Regulator about your information and privacy including the collection of personal and health information and storage of data.