The Medical Certificate (Certificate) is designed to support people with injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents receive early treatment for their injuries and progress their CTP claim. It is available in both Word (RTF) and PDF formats, allowing either direct entry into the online template or handwriting details onto a printed Certificate.

Promoting early treatment to help injured road users recover from their injuries is consistent with the Regulator’s objectives outlined in the Injury Recovery and Early Intervention Framework.

Providing a Certificate that a patient can submit when lodging their Injury Claim Form is a useful way a medical practitioner can help a patient’s claim to progress without delays.

CTP Insurers have obligations to fund appropriate, reasonable and necessary evidence-based treatment, care and support or care as part of their claims management.

Completion of the Certificate at the initial consult or as early as possible will help achieve better recovery outcomes for your patient. By providing information on your patient’s injuries, required treatment, capacity and prognosis, the patient can progress their CTP claim and the CTP Insurer can make timely decisions about funding treatment.

If your patient is yet to lodge an Injury Claim Form they will need to retain a copy of the Certificate to submit with their completed form. If they have already lodged an Injury Claim Form, they will need to send a copy of the Certificate to the relevant CTP Insurer.

Completion of the Certificate can be charged under the following Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers:

  • Item no. 00023 (less than 20 minutes)
  • Item no. 00036 (20 to 40 minutes)
  • Item no. 00044 (greater than 40 minutes).

For more information about the Certificate, please refer to our Medical Certificate Fact Sheet.