In the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance Scheme, an injured road user may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Some types of compensation are subject to a threshold based on the Injury Scale Value (ISV) of the injuries.

The South Australian Motor Accident Injury Accreditation Scheme (MAIAS) accredits medical practitioners to undertake ISV medical assessments that assist in determining an injured person's entitlement to compensation.

The key objective of MAIAS is to create an independent system that provides consistent, objective and reliable ISV medical assessments.

The Scheme Rules prescribe the regulatory and service standards required for medical practitioners to achieve and maintain accreditation under the MAIAS. The rules also require the MAIAS Administrator to monitor performance of Accredited Medical Practitioners to ensure compliance with accreditation and legislative obligations.

MAIAS was established in February 2015 by the South Australian Attorney-General under section 76 (2) of the Civil Liability Act 1936 .