CTP Claims

Injuries and accident must be reported to the police. If you were not the driver of a vehicle involved in the accident and you are unsure if the accident has already been reported, you may need to lodge a report. Contact the police station nearest to where the accident occurred for more information.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident you should seek medical attention straight away, including calling an ambulance if needed.

Find out what you need to do if you need to lodge a claim.

Find out how to make a CTP claim.

If you need help with lodging your claim, you can contact the relevant CTP Insurer. The CTP Regulator Enquiries Line can also provide general information on the SA CTP Scheme and process for making a claim. You can contact them on 1300 303 558.

You need to send your claim form to the CTP Insurer of the at-fault vehicle (view their contact details).

If you are not sure which insurer is handling your claim, you can find out which insurer to contact.

The more information you are able to provide on the claim form, the quicker the CTP Insurer will be able to process your claim and make informed decisions.

If you cannot answer a question on your claim form, notify the CTP Insurer why you can’t answer the question and what you have done to try to obtain this information.

Yes. There are strict timeframes for lodging a CTP claim. View more information about timeframes.

The management of your CTP insurance claim, claim number and agreed funding for treatment, care and support remain the same. Your claim with SGIC will continue to be managed by the same Claims Consultant with the same contact details. The only difference is you will receive documentation with an NRMA Insurance brand logo.

Can I still make a CTP claim if I was injured by a vehicle insured with SGIC?

Yes. To lodge a claim online with SGIC, select ‘NRMA’ on the ‘Insurer managing your claim page’.

To lodge a printed claim form with SGIC, complete the form and send using the below contact details.

You must lodge a claim form within six months of the date of the accident. If you have not complied with this timeframe, contact NRMA to discuss your circumstances.

Email: piclaims@iag.com.au
Mail: PO Box 481, Sydney NSW 2001
SA Office: Level 6, 80 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: 1800 633 176

If you were the at-fault driver of a motor vehicle involved in a single-vehicle accident (including, for example, an impact with a tree or animal), you are not eligible to lodge a CTP claim. Find more information about who can make a CTP claim.

No, you don’t need a lawyer to make a CTP claim. You can deal directly with the CTP Insurer about your claim or you may choose to seek independent legal advice. See more information on seeking legal advice.

If you need an interpreter or translator when attending medical examinations or assessments, the CTP Insurer will arrange this for you. Find out more about the medical examination and assessment process.

If you need to an interpreter to help you contact the Regulator, please telephone the Interpreting and Translating Centre on 1800 280 304 and asked to be connected to the CTP Insurance Regulator on 1300 303 558, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

As the circumstances of each claim are different, it’s difficult to provide an exact timeframe for the processing of your claim. It will depend on the complexity of your injuries, your recovery time, the circumstances of the accident and how long it takes to provide detailed and accurate information.

Once your claim has been lodged, the CTP insurer will need to determine liability (decide who was at fault for the accident). They will support you in recovering from you injury and before finalising your claim they may also assess your eligibility for compensation for non-economic loss and other types of compensation. For more information see ‘What You Are Covered For’.

See more about the claim process.

Information is gathered by the CTP Insurer to determine the extent of your injuries, the treatment and rehabilitation you may require and the level of compensation you may be eligible to receive. Read about how your private information is handled.

On occasion, claims may be investigated and information may be sought from the police if required.

If an issue with your claim can’t be resolved through discussion with the CTP Insurer, you should ask them about their dispute resolution process.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the CTP Insurer’s response, you can contact the CTP Enquiry Helpline on 1300 303 558. Find more information on complaints and feedback.

If your dispute remains unresolved, find out about seeking legal advice.

Claims where the at-fault vehicle is unregistered (and therefore uninsured) or unidentified are called Nominal Defendant claims. The CTP Regulator allocates Nominal Defendant claims to CTP Insurers.

See “How to Make a CTP Claim” for more information about the Nominal Defendant Scheme.

If the accident occurred in South Australian but the at-fault vehicle is registered in another state, then you are unable to make a claim against the SA CTP Scheme. In these cases, contact the relevant CTP authority in the state where the at-fault vehicle is registered to find out what you need to know. The interstate insurer is required to follow the South Australian CTP Scheme laws.

Find the contact details for interstate authorities.

If you have a CTP claim arising from an accident that occurred on or after 1 July 2016 and would like information about its progress, please phone the CTP Insurer that is managing your claim. Find out how to identify which insurer is managing your claim) .

If you have questions or concerns about your claim, you should start by contacting the CTP Insurer managing your claim (view their contact details). You can also find more information on enquiries, complaints or disputes.

If the issue can’t be resolved or you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the CTP Regulator Enquiries Line on 1300 303 558 or email ctp@sa.gov.au.

Because all CTP claims are assessed individually, they vary in how long they take to settle. Claims involving minor injuries, where there are no issues about who caused the accident, usually settle more quickly than claims involving more severe injuries or uncertainty as to who caused the accident.

Generally, settlement of your CTP claim will occur when liability has been determined by the CTP Insurer, your injuries are considered stable and the impact of the injuries is known.

Find more information on how claims are settled.

Find out about eligibility for compensation and the types of compensation that are available under CTP insurance.

If you were the driver entirely at fault for the accident, you will be unable to make a CTP claim. Find out more information about who is eligible to make a CTP claim.

Injury Recovery

Yes, you can choose to be treated by your own doctor. In some cases, you may be referred to a specialist for a medical examination or assessment.

Providing your CTP Insurer with detailed and accurate information about the accident, your injuries and medical condition as soon as possible will assist the CTP Insurer to support your recovery. You should work with your CTP Insurer to optimise your recovery and notify them if your circumstances change. Find more information on injury recovery.

If your claim is accepted, the CTP Insurer will approve and pay certain treatment and rehabilitation expenses provided they are:

  • reasonable and appropriate
  • related to your injuries from the accident
  • supported by original receipts, if you have already paid and require reimbursement.

Costs covered as part of your claim may include services like ambulance transfers, hospital care and physiotherapy.

Find further information on treatment and rehabilitation coverage.

No. If you have been injured you will still need to complete an Injury Claim Form via the Lodge your claim form page.