If a family member has died in a motor vehicle accident, you may be able to make a CTP claim.

You will only be eligible to claim where another South Australian registered motor vehicle was, wholly or partly, at-fault for the accident. If the at-fault vehicle is registered and insured for CTP in another state or territory, please contact the relevant interstate CTP authority to find out if you are able to make a claim through its CTP scheme.

Compensation may be available for the loss of support (financial and non-financial) of a deceased family member for the following relatives:

  • spouse or domestic partner
  • child or grandchild
  • brother or sister
  • parent or grandparent.

If there is more than one dependent, they are all included in a single claim.


Compensation is subject to the Civil Liability Act 1936.

Types of compensation available include:

  • non-economic loss
  • economic loss
  • gratuitous services
  • loss of consortium
  • legal costs
  • funeral expenses

Find out more information on compensation you may be eligible for.

Information and assistance

Our "Fatal motor vehicle accidents" fact sheet has useful information and is available to download. It includes contact details of dedicated claims consultants within each CTP Insurer who are there to help specifically with fatality claims. They can guide you through the claim lodgement process and how to complete the claim form.

You can access the Fatality Claim Form online.

The online form work best with computers and modern and up-to-date web browsers. This includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.

If you do not have access to a computer or printer, forms can be posted to you by calling the CTP Regulator Enquiries Line on 1300 303 558.