If you wish to claim for your injuries, the law requires you to sign a statement giving authority to your CTP Insurer to obtain information relevant to processing and assessing your claim. This authority to obtain information is found on page 9 of the Injury Claim Form.

The law also requires the CTP Insurer to take reasonable steps to inform you when and why they are using this authority, and they must provide you with information they have collected using it within 21 days of receipt. The authority remains in place until your claim is resolved or you revoke your authority but you cannot revoke it for at least six months after signing.

CTP Insurers and their representatives must comply with Commonwealth privacy laws including the Australian Privacy Principles and requirements set by the CTP Regulator when collecting, storing and disclosing your personal information.

CTP Insurers must only disclose your information if the use or disclosure is:

  • necessary and relevant to managing your claim
  • made with your consent
  • reasonably expected
  • required by law, or
  • necessary for:
    • enforcing a criminal law or law imposing a financial penalty, or
    • the protection of public revenue (e.g. to investigate and detect fraud).

Read more about your privacy including access to CTP Insurer privacy policies, and what you can do if you believe your CTP Insurer has incorrectly used or disclosed your personal information.