In South Australia, CTP insurance is provided by the Government-approved CTP Insurers:

CTP Insurers provide the CTP policy of insurance, which is identical for all CTP insurers, and manage claims made against the policy. They are required to act in the best interests of CTP insurance policy holders, injured people and the CTP Scheme. The insurers are monitored against these obligations through contractual arrangements with the State, including compliance with Regulator Rules and with the laws applying to CTP insurance.

CTP Insurers are able to compete on price and service, and may offer incentives that provide direct benefit and real value to policy holders.

Who is my CTP Insurer?

You choose your CTP Insurer when you renew your vehicle registration. The name of your current CTP Insurer appears on your registration renewal notice, under the “Your Details” section (located in the top-right corner of the notice).

Alternatively, EzyReg can confirm the CTP Insurer of your own or another vehicle or you can contact us.