CTP Scheme and claims management is continuing as usual

The CTP Regulator and CTP Insurers are continuing their commitment to delivering high quality claimant experience during the COVID-19 situation.

If you have a claim with a CTP Insurer, this means:

  • Continued access to reasonable and necessary treatment interventions
  • Your claim will progress with the insurer by telephone, email, letter, or video conferencing rather than face-to-face
  • Your claim settlement is not delayed.

If you’d like to discuss your claim, all CTP Insurer contact details are available on our website.

If you wish to contact our office, please call our Enquiries Line on 1300 303 558 for assistance. If you experience any issues with this phone number either try again at another time, contact us using our online enquiry form, or email ctp@sa.gov.au.