You must provide the CTP Insurer with a notice of claim by both completing and sending the electronic form below (PDF versions are also available on our Forms page). The form must be signed and witnessed before sending to the CTP Insurer.

When you lodge a claim, it must be supported by an opinion of a medical practitioner. The Voluntary Medical Certificate can be used by your medical practitioner to provide information about your injury. Ask them to complete a Voluntary Medical Certificate, then submit your completed Certificate when lodging your claim.

You must lodge an injury claim form within six months of the accident occurring.

While the time limit to lodge your claim is set by law, there are some exceptions which are set out in the Regulator Rules, for example due to your injury or disability.

If you have not met the timeframe, please contact the CTP Insurer handling your claim to discuss your circumstances, or you can contact the CTP Regulator.

If you do not know the registration number of the vehicle at fault, different requirements apply under the Nominal Defendant Scheme.

The time limit to lodge your claim with the CTP Insurer is different from the time limit to issue a court action required at law, under the Limitation of Actions Act 1936, if you are unable to settle your claim. See more information on settling your claim.

If you are unsure of your responsibilities with these critical time limits, you should contact your insurer, if known, or contact the Regulator to discuss them.

When completing the claim form

The claim form is your ‘notice of claim’ under the law.

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the CTP Insurer handling your claim to process. They will review your claim form and ensure all necessary and available information has been provided.

If you have included enough information for them to do so, the CTP Insurer will make an initial assessment of the claim and your eligibility. If you have not provided enough information, they will contact you.  They may not be able to proceed with your claim until they have all their required information.

You must provide honest and accurate information (and must not deliberately withhold information). You must sign a declaration stating that the information you have provided is true and correct.