Vehicle garaging location is one of four factors that may apply in setting CTP premiums. A vehicle garaging address falls into one of two insurance rating districts. District 1 represents higher populated areas, roughly corresponding to metropolitan Adelaide, and district 2 represents the rest of the state.

2020 insurance rating district boundary review

The districts are divided by a boundary via postcode and, in some areas, localities within postcodes. The boundary was established in 2002 and reviewed in 2020. As a result of the CTP insurance rating district boundary review, a new boundary was determined. This has caused a number of postcodes and suburbs to transfer district. The changes are effective for CTP policies due from 1 July 2020. The postcodes and suburbs involved in the redistribution are outlined in the table below.

Transferred postcodes and suburbs effective 1 July 2020

Postcodes transferred
from district 1 to district 2

5153, 5154, 5157, 5201, 5233, 5241, 5243, 5244, 5252

Suburbs in divided postcodes transferred from district 1 to district 2

Dingabledinga, Montarra, The Range, Ward Belt

Suburbs transferred
from district 2 to district 1

Aldinga Beach, Sellicks Beach, Lewiston, Two Wells

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Different premiums for districts

Each district has its own set of premium rates for each premium class. The difference in premiums between districts 1 and 2 reflects the difference in number of CTP claims per 1,000 registered vehicles and the average cost of CTP claims arising from at-fault vehicles, based on garaging address.

If you live on or near a postcode boundary the premium for your vehicle may be different to the premium for other vehicles registered to nearby addresses as they may be in a different insurance rating district.