The district boundary requires ongoing review as South Australia continues to change. Periodic review helps to ensure premiums are applied fairly across the community. The next boundary review is scheduled for 2030. The CTP Regulator has adopted a 10-year review cycle because it allows for enough data to accumulate for claim frequency analysis.

Results of 2020 review
The review confirmed the majority of postcodes and suburbs were correctly allocated to district 1 or district 2. The review identified a number of areas that were inconsistent with their current district classification. This resulted in approximately 44,000 (or 3% of) registered vehicles being transferred into the appropriate district from 1 July 2020. Find out more information about the areas transferred to another district.

Of the transferred vehicles, approximately 16,000 transferred from district 2 to district 1, with most experiencing a CTP premium increase for policy renewals from 1 July 2020. Approximately 28,000 vehicles transferred from district 1 to 2, with most experiencing a decrease in CTP premium for policy renewals from 1 July 2020.

The boundary review altered the contribution each district makes to the funding but the CTP scheme funding remains the same overall.

View the report for further details.

Criteria for grouping areas into insurance districts

The review used the number of CTP claims for every 1,000 registered vehicles (claim frequency) as the basis for allocating areas to districts. Claim frequency is significantly higher for district 1 compared to district 2. The number of registered vehicles per square kilometre was used for low population areas with low numbers of vehicles and CTP claims.

Owners of vehicles transferred from district 2 to district 1

Vehicle owners experiencing a CTP premium increase were sent a letter in February 2020 ahead of changes coming into effect from 1 July 2020. A reminder is included on the first registration renewal notice or sent electronically to direct debit customers and subscribers of digital renewal notices.

CTP premiums

See more information on how CTP premiums are set.

To calculate the CTP premium for a vehicle, use the CTP premium calculator.