You pay for your CTP insurance at the same time as you renew your vehicle registration.

You have the freedom to choose one of the four CTP Insurers that best meets your personal needs, each time your registration renewal is due.

Each insurer’s policy coverage is the same. To help you make your choice, there is a comparison of each insurer’s premium prices and a claimant service rating on your renewal notice, which shows how injured people who have made a claim rated the insurer’s service.

Choosing your insurer is as simple as:

  1. Choose your insurer
  2. Tick the box
  3. Pay registration and CTP in one.

You can find out more about each CTP Insurer including their privacy policy via visiting their SA CTP website pages. The CTP Insurer’s privacy policy includes information on how they will use your information, for example for marketing purposes.

Direct Debit customers

Direct debit customers can choose a CTP Insurer by logging into their MySA GOV account, selecting the appropriate vehicle and then clicking on the ‘Update/Cancel direct debit’ link. A change of CTP Insurer takes effect with the next scheduled payment.

Premium price

CTP Insurers set their own premiums for each premium class within limits set by the CTP Regulator, based on how they assess the cost of the Scheme. Premiums are only approved by the Regulator if they fall at or within the premium range.

Find out more information on how premiums are set.

Claimant Service Rating

Since 2018, all people who have made a claim for an injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident are asked to participate in a survey approximately three months after the claim is lodged. Those surveyed are asked to give a rating from 0 to 100 on the overall experience they had with the insurer handling their claim (0 being a negative experience, 100 being a positive experience).

The survey results are used to determine an overall average Claimant Service Rating for each CTP Insurer on a rolling six month basis.

Find out more information about the claimant survey.

Current Claimant Service Ratings

CTP Insurer Incentives

From time to time, CTP Insurers may offer incentives to policy holders. The types of incentives insurers are able to offer are approved by government.  Incentives must provide direct benefit and real value to policy holders. Any offer must clearly outline eligibility criteria. See information on CTP insurer incentive classes allowed under the CTP Scheme in South Australia.

For details on incentives which may be available, contact the relevant CTP Insurer.