False motor injury claims are a cost to all South Australian vehicle owners every year. People who stage accidents, intentionally misrepresent facts, exaggerate their injuries and make false statements to obtain financial gain make it necessary for vehicle owners to pay more in CTP insurance premiums.

These claims affect all vehicle owners as they add significant costs to the CTP Scheme. Because of this, the CTP Insurers are committed to proactively identifying and managing these claims in order to deter fraud. If fraud, or an attempt to defraud or deliberately mislead an insurer, is established, the matter may be referred for criminal prosecution.

CTP fraud may involve the claimant, vehicle owner and/or a service provider. If you know of someone claiming to be injured who is in fact being fraudulent, please report it by calling the CTP Regulator Enquiries Line on 1300 303 558.

If you wish, your call can remain anonymous.