The table below provides further details on the various other fees and charges that are collected at the same time as your CTP premiums.

Fee or Levy


Responsible Government Agency

Further information

Registration Fee

For registration of your motor vehicle.

Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Administration Fee

The Administration Fee is the cost of processing the total registration transactions.

Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Emergency Services Levy 

For mobile property (i.e. motor vehicles), to fund Emergency Services. Around 25% of all emergency service call-outs involve road accidents or related activity.

Revenue SA

Lifetime Support Fund Levy

For the ongoing treatment, care and support for anyone who suffers a serious lifelong disability as a result of a motor vehicle accident in South Australia.

Lifetime Support Authority

Stamp Duty on the Insurance Policy

This $60 Stamp Duty is paid into the Hospitals Fund.

Refer to the Stamp Duties Act 1923 section 42B (1d) (a) (ii), Schedule 2.

Revenue SA

Note: Stamp duty on the Insurance Policy is charged for a heavy trailer (4,500kg or more) and not a light trailer.