Find out how the guideline supports claimants and efficient claims processes

During the CTP claim process, the opinion of an independent medical expert can assist an injured person to progress their recovery and their claim.

The Regulator has introduced a Guideline for Arranging Joint Independent Medical Assessments to assist claimants and CTP Insurers to arrange objective, timely and appropriate assessments that minimise impacts on a claimant’s wellbeing and support their recovery and a return to usual activity.

The new guideline promotes the use of a joint independent medical assessment, where the injured person and the CTP Insurer agree for one expert to conduct the assessment and prepare the assessment report.

This benefits the claimant and the CTP Insurer by outlining a process to arrange joint assessments and progress a claim without delay. Arranging a joint assessment can also help reduce the number of assessments an injured person is required to attend.