Brand new vehicle

One of the four CTP Insurers is automatically allocated to provide your Policy of Insurance (which is the same for all insurers) when you purchase a brand new vehicle. The premium price will be the lowest available at the time for the vehicle’s premium class.

If the registration is more than three months, you can choose your CTP Insurer from five days after the date of registration until the end of the first three months of the policy.

This can be done through a mySA GOV account. The Brand New Vehicle Fact Sheet provides you with a step-by-step guide. Alternatively, you can phone Service SA on 13 10 84, or visit a customer service centre.

If you decide to change your insurer for your brand new vehicle there are no additional charges and your premium price will remain the same. Your policy will be transferred to your chosen CTP Insurer in the fourth month of your policy term, for the remaining period of registration. If you don’t change in the first three months, you will choose a CTP Insurer when you renew your vehicle registration.

If the registration period is three months, you will choose your CTP Insurer when you renew your registration.

CTP Insurer choice is separated from the day of brand new vehicle registration to support a continued ban on commissions or benefits to motor vehicle dealers from CTP Insurers. This means your CTP insurance is your choice.

Second-hand vehicles

When you purchase (or assume ownership of) a registered second-hand vehicle, you take over the remaining registration and CTP insurance for the vehicle. You choose your CTP Insurer when you renew the vehicle’s registration.