CTP Insurers can offer incentives to policy holders. The incentive types are approved by the Minister to optimise the competition scheme for motorists, to achieve the following objectives:

  • CTP Insurers compete for customers through offering value-added goods and services
  • CTP Insurers only offer direct policy holder incentives approved by the Minister
  • The cost of incentives cannot be passed onto motorists through CTP premiums.

CTP Insurers must ensure:

  • the incentive is of an approved incentive class
  • the person receives direct benefit and real value from the incentive
  • the offer clearly and prominently outlines any eligibility criteria or other qualifying conditions.

CTP Insurers can offer incentives from the following classes:

  • Discounts off other insurance products
  • Reward programs
  • Gifts
  • Roadside services
  • Crash and injury reduction products
  • At-fault driver protection insurance.

See further information on approved incentives in the CTP scheme or contact a CTP Insurer.