What you can claim

Should you experience the death of a loved one, CTP Insurance provides compensation for the loss of support of the deceased to beneficiaries under Section 58B of the Civil Liability Act 1936 (the CL Act).

Lodging a claim

To lodge a fatality claim, you will need to complete a Fatality Claim Form via Lodging a claim form page and provide it to your CTP Insurer. Your insurer (or legal representative, if you have one) will assist you in completing this form and providing the information required by the insurer.

See more information about who is eligible to lodge a fatality claim.

Loss of dependency

Your claim may include:

  • Your treatment expenses (e.g. counselling)
  • Loss of financial benefit and support resulting from the death
  • Loss of non-financial support of the deceased (e.g. house maintenance, homemaking or parental care)
  • In the case of the death of a spouse or infant, an additional payment of up $10,000 may apply for solatium (compensation for grief, bereavement and emotional pain and suffering, under Sections 28 and 29 of the CL Act)

Funeral expenses

CTP Insurance will cover reasonable funeral expenses and other associated costs, taking into account ethnicity, customs and religion of the deceased.

Possible reductions to fatality claims

Compensation paid to beneficiaries of the deceased will be reduced for any contributory negligence of the deceased in causing the motor vehicle  accident. Compensation may be further reduced for applicable statutory reductions, such as the deceased not wearing a seatbelt/helmet or being affected by alcohol and/or drugs). For more information about contributory negligence and statutory deductions, please click here.

If the beneficiary is a spouse or domestic partner of the deceased and has commenced a new relationship, or if the beneficiary has received the deceased’s estate, compensation awarded may be reduced. Your CTP Insurer will request documentation required to determine compensation. There are other reductions which may apply and you should discuss these with your CTP Insurer or legal representative.

If you are not eligible to lodge a fatality claim

Some people make a provision in their will for the payment of funeral costs, so you may wish to check with the executor or the administrator of the deceased person's estate. If you are suffering financial hardship, you may be eligible for the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion’s (DCSI) Funeral Assistance Program, which provides financial assistance for a basic funeral. You can contact DCSI on 1300 762 577, or visit www.sa.gov.au/concessions.

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Page last updated: 25 June 2020