To assist the claims process, we have developed electronic versions of the Injury Claim Form, the Accident Report Form and the Fatality Claim Form.

Each form will generate a unique document identification number which lasts for a 14-day period. You have the ability to save, resume a previously initiated form or send the form to another person’s email address. The forms can be completed on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Start a new claim form

Begin completing a new claim form by clicking on one of the buttons below.

The electronic forms:

  • are easy to navigate
  • let you save and add more information later
  • are accessible on smartphones and tablets
  • include hover boxes with additional information to help you complete your claim form
  • include CTP Insurer lookup to help you lodge your completed claim form.

Resume an existing claim form

Click on the "Resume saved form" button below to:

  • login and access a saved claim form
  • return to where you last saved
  • add additional information to your claim form.