To lodge a CTP claim, you will need to lodge a claim form with the at-fault vehicle's CTP Insurer.

Find out who the CTP Insurer is

You will need to know the number plate of the at-fault vehicle to find out who the CTP Insurer is. You can use EzyReg and enter the accident date and vehicle’s plate number or contact us.

Lodge your claim form

Find out how to lodge your claim form with the CTP Insurer of the at-fault vehicle.

Unknown or uninsured vehicle

If the motor vehicle responsible for the accident was unknown or unregistered (and therefore uninsured for CTP), or the at-fault driver did not stop to provide their details, a claim can be made under the Nominal Defendant Scheme.

Under this scheme, the Regulator allocates your claim to one of the CTP Insurers to manage.

You must lodge your claim with the Nominal Defendant Scheme (CTP Regulator), as soon as reasonably practicable, after it becomes apparent the at-fault vehicle cannot be identified or is unregistered.

For more information about making a claim through the Nominal Defendant Scheme, please contact us.

The next steps

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