Who pays for the assessment?

If a CTP Insurer arranges an independent assessment or ISV medical assessment, they must cover the cost. If you or your legal representative arrange the assessment, the CTP Insurer will cover the cost, provided they have been given reasonable notice to approve it before the date of the assessment.

Organising your assessment

The CTP Insurer must:

  • take into account any issues that may impact your ability to attend an assessment (such as disability access requirements)
  • give you at least seven business days’ notice of the appointment details (such as date and time, location, specialty of the health professional and the reason you are required to attend), and
  • arrange a translator or interpreter, at the insurer’s cost, if required.

The CTP insurer will forward documentation to the health professional in advance, but will only provide information that is relevant to the assessment.

Expenses and cancellations

You can claim the reasonable costs of attending an independent assessment (such as travel expenses). If you are unable to attend an independent assessment or ISV medical assessment, you must notify the CTP Insurer at least two business days in advance to avoid a cancellation fee, which may be deducted from your compensation.


The CTP Insurer has 21 days from receipt of the report to provide you with a copy of an independent assessment or ISV report, and they may contact you (or your legal representative) to discuss the findings. When you receive a copy of the report, if you dispute or do not understand any of the information it contains, you should contact the CTP Insurer.

Information and assistance

Our “Independent assessments” fact sheet and our “ISV medical assessments” fact sheet are available to download. Or you can contact the claims consultant managing your claim for further assistance.