If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident it is important to see your medical practitioner as soon as possible after the accident to assess your injuries and advise the treatment you require to help you recover.

When you lodge a claim for your injuries, it must be supported by an opinion of a medical practitioner. The Voluntary Medical Certificate (Certificate) is a voluntary certificate for medical practitioners to provide critical information about your injury to a CTP Insurer to assist the progress of your claim. This certificate includes details about your accident, your injury, recommended treatment and fitness for work.

By asking your treating doctor to complete this Certificate for you early in the claim process, it will help with the claim lodgement process and reduce the time it takes for the CTP Insurer to make funding decisions for your reasonable and necessary treatment.

What to do with the Voluntary Medical Certificate

If a claim is yet to be lodged, keep a copy of the Certificate. You can then submit the completed Certificate as an attachment to the Injury Claim Form (ICF) which is lodged with the CTP Insurer of the vehicle you believe caused the accident.

Payment for the Completion of the Certificate

If the claim has not yet been lodged or accepted it is possible that part or all of the cost of your consult may be billed under Medicare. Some medical practitioners may require your payment straight away while others may be happy to provide an invoice for payment at a later date.

If your claim is accepted, reimbursement for the consult can be requested from the CTP Insurer.  Alternatively, outstanding invoices can be forwarded to the Insurer for payment direct to the medical practitioner.

The CTP Insurer may agree to fund the cost of the consult to obtain the Certificate before liability has been determined. Please speak to the CTP Insurer about this as soon as possible after your claim has been lodged.

Find the Voluntary Medical Certificate here

You can download and print the Voluntary Medical Certificate to provide to your medical practitioner at your initial consultation or early in the claim process. Alternatively you can ask your medical practitioner to download and type directly into the editable pdf before printing or emailing to the CTP Insurer. CTP Insurers will also provide the Certificate to medical practitioners.

For more information about the Certificate, please refer to our Voluntary Medical Certificate Fact Sheet with FAQs.