If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident it is important to see your medical practitioner as soon as possible after the accident to assess your injuries and advise the treatment you require to help you recover.

When you lodge a claim for your injuries, it must be supported by an opinion of a medical practitioner. The Medical Certificate (Certificate) is for medical practitioners to provide information about your injuries to a CTP Insurer to assist the progress of your claim. This Certificate includes details about your accident, your injuries, recommended treatment and fitness for work.

Asking your treating doctor to complete this Certificate for you as part of the claim lodgement process will allow the CTP Insurer to make timely funding decisions for your reasonable and necessary treatment.

If you are yet to lodge a claim, keep a copy of the Certificate. You can then submit the completed Certificate as an attachment to the Injury Claim Form which is lodged with the CTP Insurer of the vehicle you believe caused the accident. If you have already lodged a claim, send a copy of the Certificate to the CTP Insurer.

If the insurer accepts your claim, they will reimburse your reasonable and necessary out of pocket expenses. Attach proof of payment for the medical consultation to your claim form when you lodge the claim. The CTP Insurer may agree to fund the cost of the consult to obtain the Certificate before liability has been determined. Speak to the CTP Insurer about this at lodgement.

If the claim has already been lodged when you attend a medical consultation to complete the certificate, some medical practitioners may provide an invoice for the CTP insurer to pay, others may require payment straight away and you can seek reimbursement from the insurer.

You can download and print the Medical Certificate to give to your medical practitioner at your initial consultation or early in the claim process. The medical practitioner can also choose to fill in the details online (www.ctp.sa.gov.au) using the Word (RTF) or PDF templates.

For more information about the Certificate, please refer to our Medical Certificate Fact Sheet.