What to expect from your insurer

CTP Insurers must provide you with information and assistance for each step of the claim process and optimise your recovery wherever possible. Insurer obligations are defined in the Regulator Rules. They include rules about how and when to communicate with you.

Once the CTP Insurer receives your injury claim form, they will send you a claim receipt notification within seven business days. It will include a claim number as well as the name and contact details of the claims consultant managing your claim. If this consultant changes during the course of the claim, you should be notified of the change within seven business days.

After lodgement, the insurer may contact the driver at fault, any witnesses disclosed in your injury claim form (or accident report form lodged by the driver at fault) or may apply for a copy of the police vehicle accident report. This enables the insurer to confirm who was at fault and whether there were any contributing factors.

What you need to do to progress your claim

Keep your claim number handy as you will need to provide it to your treatment providers should the insurer agree to fund necessary and reasonable treatment costs.

You can submit receipts or unpaid invoices for treatment services or other expenses associated with managing your injury (such as chemist receipts, home help or home maintenance) to the insurer with your claim form, and at any time after your claim is lodged. Speak to your claims consultant about expenses you are able to claim.

For your claim to progress efficiently, you should:

  • provide honest and accurate information about your claim
  • read everything the insurer sends you and contact them if you don’t understand anything
  • refer to your claim number when communicating with the insurer
  • inform the insurer of any changes to your circumstances e.g. a change of contact details or changes in your work circumstances
  • provide information in a timely manner to help the insurer make decisions and progress your claim
  • make all efforts to participate in treatment or recovery programs and return to your usual activities
  • commit to optimising recovery from your injuries.