Voluntary Medical Certificate

The Voluntary Medical Certificate (Certificate) is designed to support people injured in motor vehicle accidents to receive early treatment for their injuries and progress their CTP claim.

This is consistent with the Regulator’s objectives outlined within the Injury Recovery and Early Intervention Framework, which promotes the early treatment of people with injuries from motor vehicle accidents to assist them in recovering from their injuries.

In addition, the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (MV Act) requires a person making a claim for damages or other compensation in relation to death or bodily injury, to provide the CTP Insurer (or Nominal Defendant) with a notice of claim that is accompanied by a certificate or opinion as to the nature and probable cause of the death or injury provided by a medical practitioner.

The lodgement of an Injury Claim Form (ICF) is not considered to be compliant until this medical certificate or opinion is provided. If a claim is lodged without a medical opinion, it can result in delays for the injured person in receiving benefits.

The Voluntary Medical Certificate is considered an appropriate, accepted and consistent way for medical practitioners to inform CTP Insurers of the patient’s condition, and will be promoted by all CTP Insurers for medical practitioners to use with patients with CTP claims.

How early completion of the Certificate will assist your patient

Early completion of the Certificate is an opportunity to provide critical information on the patient’s injury, required treatment, capacity and prognosis to progress their CTP claim. CTP Insurers have obligations to fund appropriate, reasonable and necessary evidence-based medical services, treatment or care as part of their claims management.

The completion of the Certificate at the initial consult or as early as possible, will help achieve better recovery outcomes for your patient and assist CTP Insurers make more timely determinations regarding funding for your patient’s treatment.

The Certificate requires the treating medical practitioner to provide the following information:

  • personal and accident details
  • details of the injury including a provisional diagnosis, reported injury and symptoms as well as results of any investigations
  • hospital details (where applicable)
  • recommended treatment including expected duration and referral details
  • capacity, restrictions and fitness for work
  • medical practitioner’s details.

If the patient is yet to submit an Injury Claim Form they will need to retain a copy of the Certificate to submit with their Injury Claim Form when completed. If they have already lodged an Injury Claim Form, the Certificate can be sent directly to the relevant CTP Insurer.

Fee schedule

For accepted claims, completion of the Certificate constitutes as a service within the RTWSA fee structure and as such is a service of the kind referred to within s127A of the MV Act. The relevant item numbers in line with the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) are as follows:

  • Standard attendance, Item no. 00023 (Level B less than 20 min)
  • Long attendance, Item no. 00036 (Level C 20-40mins)
  • Prolonged attendance, Item no. 00044 (Level D – greater than 40mins)

If the claim is yet to be accepted, the Certificate can be charged as part of the normal consultation under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Find the Voluntary Medical Certificate here

Either download and print the Voluntary Medical Certificate for completion by hand or open and type into the pdf electronically before sending or printing. Please note, the questions must remain in the format contained within the certificate.

For more information about the Certificate, please refer to our Voluntary Medical Certification Fact Sheet with FAQs.