New claim forms to support a simplified process and better scheme experience

In its commitment to delivering continuous improvement of the experience and usability of the Scheme, the CTP Regulator performed a review of its Injury and Fatality Claim Forms. With a focus on removing barriers when lodging a claim, improvements were identified that simplify the process of managing claims for everyone involved.

The new features that benefit a person making a claim are:

  • enhanced language and layout so a claimant can easily understand what they need to do to complete the form. A claimant being able to provide as much detail as possible helps in the quick and efficient processing of a claim
  • absence of the need to print and sign forms and have them witnessed keeps forms in an electronic format. This simplifies and accelerates the lodgement process, which means quicker decision-making about injury recovery treatment and liability
  • medical certificate that aids a medical practitioner to provide consistent, relevant and timely medical information for an injured road user at claim lodgement. This helps a claimant to access early treatment and support.

Other features that benefit the Scheme and key stakeholders are:

  • enhanced data collection provides a way for insurers to improve data accuracy, and allows opportunities for scheme improvements to be easily identified and addressed, and provides a way for insurers to increase data accuracy

These improvements were developed in consultation with organisations and people who have experience of the forms and lodgement process e.g. claimants, CTP Insurers, legal and medical providers, as well as road users who may be about to complete a form. All proposed changes underwent user experience testing with claimants and road users.

To further optimise claimant experience, the Regulator will release an amendment to Regulator Rule [7.1.1(d)]. A CTP Insurer must inform a claimant when a form’s ‘Statement giving authority to obtain information’ is being used and for what purposes, at least seven business days before use. This notice period is intended to give a claimant a meaningful opportunity to respond to the notification and contact the insurer before information is obtained.

Forms will continue to be available in printable and paper formats. Old versions of the forms will continue to be accepted by CTP Insurers.

The Injury and Fatality Claim Forms and information about lodging a CTP claim are found on the CTP Regulator website.