The CTP Regulator (the Regulator) is an independent Statutory Authority established under the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 2016 (the CTPIR Act). The Regulator has been responsible for regulating and monitoring the South Australian CTP Scheme (the Scheme) since 1 July 2016. The functions of the Regulator are determined by legislation.

The Regulator’s responsibilities are to:

  • make, monitor and enforce the Regulator Rules to ensure CTP Insurers meet their legislative and contractual obligations (such as meeting claims management and dispute resolution standards)
  • determine premium amounts for CTP insurance policies
  • determine the minimum terms and conditions of CTP insurance policies
  • provide information to consumers about the Scheme and CTP Insurers
  • make recommendations to the Minister about:
    • eligibility criteria and assessment of applications for insurers to become a Government-approved CTP Insurer (or withdrawal of an approval) under Part 4 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959
    • terms and conditions for any agreements or contracts entered into between the Minister and CTP Insurers.


Compulsory Third Party insurance in South Australian is governed by the following Acts of State Parliament:

Schemes under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959

Auto-Allocation Scheme

The Auto-Allocation Scheme is a scheme determined by the Minister for the allocation of a CTP Insurer for new motor vehicle CTP Insurance policies from 1 July 2019. When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you will be automatically allocated to one of the four Government-approved CTP Insurers for CTP cover at the lowest premium price available in the market at the time for the relevant premium class.

Insurer Allocation Scheme (Operational)

The Insurer Allocation Scheme (Operational) is a scheme determined by the Minister for the allocation of a CTP Insurer where a motorist has failed to select a CTP Insurer on their vehicle registration form. A key objective of the scheme is to minimise the risk of a motorist being left uninsured and unregistered on South Australian roads.