About the Regulator

The CTP Insurance Regulator (Regulator) is established as an independent statutory authority under the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 2016.

The Regulator is responsible for the oversight, monitoring and reporting of approved CTP insurer activities in the South Australian market, ensuring that a fair and affordable CTP Insurance Scheme (Scheme) is maintained, continuing to improve Scheme outcomes for the injured, and having oversight of the CTP Insurance premium setting process.

The Regulator is responsible for leading the ongoing development of an efficient, competitive, and viable CTP Insurance industry in South Australia.


CTP Insurance is governed by South Australian legislation, including in the following Acts of State Parliament: the Motor Vehicles Act 1959, the Civil Liability Act 1936 and the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 2016.

CTP Regulator's Annual Report

The CTP Regulator's 2016-17 Annual Report contains information about our first year of operation including our strategic objectives and key achievements.


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